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Trade Stalls

For Trade Stall enquiries and applications, please contact Gloria Johnson.

Call: 0447 331 234              Email:

Trader’s Regulations

  • Traders may commence setting up any time after 9.00am Friday or 6.30am on Saturday and must be completed by 8.00am Saturday ready to trade.
  • Vehicles are permitted on the grounds to unload traders’ wares but must be removed from the grounds by 7.45am on the day. Gates to the public open at 8.00am sharp.
  • The Waroona Agricultural Society employs the State Emergency Service to maintain a presence on the Showgrounds starting Friday evening until 6.00am Saturday.
  • Traders Stall location is at the discretion of the Trade Space Co-ordinator.
  • While the show officially ends at 9.00pm Saturday after the fireworks display, Traders must trade up until at least 5.00pm. Vehicles will not be permitted back on to the grounds before 5.00pm and then with extreme caution.
  • No booking shall be guaranteed until paid for in full.
  • Traders to supply their own gazebo, trestles/tables and chairs.

Trade Stall Applications for Waroona Show


Copy of Proof of Liability Insurance must accompany Application Form.

Prohibited Items

  • Sale of raffle tickets.
  • Offering any goods or services for sale other than indicated on the Application Form.
  • Any item which may, by its use or operation, cause alarm or distress to any person or animal.
  • Bow and arrows.
  • Cap Guns.
  • Water pistols or projectiles.
  • Swords, knives or any other sharp implements which could be construed as weapons.
  • Smoking implements.
  • Chemical sprays, silly string, shaving cream or foam.
  • Fireworks, including sparklers.
  • Laser light and all forms pertaining to lasers.


All power leads to be tested and tagged within the last 12 months. The tag must show the date that it was tested. Power leads shall not be laid on the ground in areas accessible to the public without a suitable means of protection. The use of radiators or heaters is prohibited.

For an Application Form, or further information about Trade Stalls, contact:

Gloria Johnson
Trade Stalls Coordinator
0447 331 234

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