Patron John Salerian JP
Patron Peter Ward
President Nick McLarty
Senior Vice President Maree Ellis
Junior Vice President Eric Walmsley
Immediate Past President Eric Walmsley
Secretary Alison Birch
Assistant Secretary Gloria Johnson
Treasurer Ed Gilbert
Promotions Officer Donna Walmsley
Promotions Officer Chris Marshall
Facebook Officer Davis Walmsley
Trade Space Coordinator Gloria Johnson
Entertainment Maree Ellis
Entertainment Simone Magno
Entertainment Mackenzie Walmsley
Security Anthony Snell
Park and Ride Peter Ward
Gates Kylie Walmsley
Programs Marilyn Lochowicz
Chief Ground Steward Eric Walmsley
Ground Steward Anthony Snell
Ground Steward Gloria Johnson
Ground Steward Cory Fish
Ground Steward Nick McLarty
Ground Steward Jacob Walmsley
Ground Steward Mark Winter
Ground Steward Matt Ward
Ground Steward Chris O’Brien
Chief Hall Steward Peter Shannon
Chief Children’s Hall Steward Mackenzie Walmsley
Photography Steward Colleen Archibald
Carriage Steward Carley Higgins
Horses in Action & Jumps Steward Melissa Fabry
Horses in Action & Jumps Steward Jackie Myers
Horses in Action & Jumps Steward Chris Marshall
Halter Steward Michelle Avery
Poultry Steward John Kennington
Stud Cattle Steward Stuart McCormack
Stud Cattle Steward Paul Tuckey
Stud Cattle Steward Bill Hatch
Trade Cattle Steward Wade Krawczyk
Trade Cattle Steward Josh Hynes
Farm Shed Display Davis Walmsley
Historic Display Donna Walmsley
Historic Display Maree Ellis
Website Maintenance Peter Shannon
Website Maintenance Maree Ellis
Grants Maree Ellis
Rural Ambassador Coordinator Colleen Archibald
Risk Management Marilyn Lochowicz
Curtin Volunteers Brad Vitale
Administration Support Annette Mason
Administration Support Lorraine Clifford
Administration Support Lyndie Ward
Administration Support Lynette Della Franca
Administration Support Jo Vergone
Administration Support Merrin Kirk
General Committee Allison Dixon
General Committee Andrew Goodman
General Committee Ken Landwehr
General Committee Laurie Snell
General Committee Lynda LeRoy
General Committee Mike LeRoy
General Committee Neil Bruce
General Committee Neil Birch
General Committee Val Salerian
Honorary Veterinary Officer Ron Schneider BSc BV MS (Hons)


Waroona Ag Committee


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