Special Features 2016

The DockDogs Canine Roadshow will be performing with their team of dogs in the Doglympics, Duck Parade and the High Jump throughout the day from 9am on the Waroona Oval.


Introducing The Waroona Show Tug of War!

This year we introduce a new local community event, The Tug of War. We are inviting all sporting groups, community groups, local business's and services to settle old scores or to claim eternal bragging rights in this ancient sport. Although the origins of tug of war are shrouded in mystery, at least one thing is certain, there will be a lot of fun to be had by all. Winners will be cheered and losers will be booed (or vice versa). Plus there is a huge trophy for the winners to gloat over! The action begins at 1.45pm at the main stage.